The Circumstantial Muse

Sometimes inspiration comes in complicated ways — unknown

[In a dream] It’s early in the evening, and they are both in bed in the young woman’s apartment, talking about the day’s events at work. They are both in love, and in a complicated affair.

[Flash back]A middle aged, married, struggling artist, who started being a painter as a result of losing his high paying job in an embarrassing way, finds inspiration in a young beautiful career woman[almost like a muse] who is engaged[although he does not know this as yet], and who has a girl child, and begins to have a crush on her. She does not accept his advances, and embarrasses him by letting it known in their church community. The man is destroyed, and loses his respect from others including the youth. With the love so strong, and feeling that he cannot cope without her, and believing that what they both felt in their initial encounter was real, he pursues her for many years amid the gossip in his church community until she is obviously in love with him. Everybody in their community realize that they love each other, and some become more shaken and jealous as a result. For him it become the issue of morals versus reality.  They try to ostracize him in the name of discipline, but fail because they are not using the rules to deal with him but their jealousies. The artist gets threats from the muse’s fiance. She then brakes her marriage engagement. Since she cannot settle for less, she continues to play hard to get with the artist. He wants to have both worlds, and is afraid to see his muse in public as this lays bare his infidelity, and this is the only thing that is stifling their relationship from fully taking off. She has a significant effect on his art. The artist on the other hand feels that his wife of many years, whom he cares for very much, does not inspire him anymore. Him and his family also go through turbulence as a result of their enemies taking advantage of their unfortunate situation, since their family had been prominent in their church in past years, and having enemies resulting from past power. He also experiences jealousy from other men in his church, who think that he is selfish, and does as he please. His art is deeply affected by his bad luck. In the end, after many years, he finds a good deal for his art, and he becomes notable and well off. He thanks his circumstantial muse for everything.

[Back to the dream] The artist is finally back with his family, and has decided to end it with the muse, but their souls remain connected for the rest of their lives.

The End